Downloads: Max/MSP/Jitter, Pure Data and Csound Tools

HOA - HOA Library (Ambisonic spatialization).

CAMOMILE - Camomile is a plugin with Pure Data embedded that allows to load and control patches inside a digital audio workstation.

QSox - an open source digital multiplateform audio editor, free of charge.

Multicurve - Max object to manage and edit graphically large sets of data.

Spatialisation Tools (ambipan~, vbapan~, ambicube~) - Objects of a great flexibility allowing to virtually position a sound source in a multiphonic space.

Format B Horizontal Recordings decoder - Max/MSPabstraction to decode Format B Horizontal (W, X, Y) recordings, adapted to different systems.

IRIN - Software combining graphic and script editing with algorithmic generation and manipulation of sound sequences based upon the micromontage technique.

Stochos and Cosmos - Software for sound synthesis based upon Xenakis thoughts.

Interfacing with Virtual Choreographer - Max/MSP patches for Virtual Choreographer Interfacing.

ES2 - Csound and Max/MSP files proposing a simulation of the instruments used in Stockhausen's Elektronisch Studie II (1954) .

Music V transcoding examples - Csound and Max/MSP files transcoding of sound synthesis techniques originally developed by Jean-Claude Risset in Music V.